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The pattern is always fantastic I love it. Some harry pap pics alone doing some stuff. A few days of them both MIA. Both of them pop up doing their different things.

And there’s always something that basically tells us they were together.

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JJ and George at Whisky Mist with Asami from Neon Jungle and Luke Friend (26/07/2014)

I only liked this post because I like Luke Friend aha but i’ve always thought George was trying to be like Harry

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How would Zayn survive a zombie attack?

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For my final art project of the year, I had to make a piece with a partner that was inspired by an artist on a list. We chose Barbara Kruger (it was the easiest to be honest).

We came up with the idea to make it about school. I asked my friend Isabelle to model for me (had to draw all the ‘A+’s on her, fun.). Then printed the picture and some words, stuck it on some bristol board, with sticky notes surrounding it with positive comments from teachers. The whole point of the piece is to show how distressed this girl is from the pressure surrounding her. She has the pressure to get straight A’s, the pressure from teachers, her parents, herself. All everyone sees are the A+’s, instead of what they are doing to her. It shows how unhealthy this pressure on her is and how burnt out she is. Sure, she’s getting A’s like her parents want, sure teachers are giving her overflowing positive comments, but she isn’t happy, she’s tired and she isn’t thinking of herself first. It’s basically about the pressure we go through as students at school, we have all this pressure to get the best grade, even if everyone’s always telling us just to “do our best”. 

I want to tell you that no matter what is happening in your life, you come first. Your health comes first, not school, not friends, not events. You come before anyone else, and maybe you think that its selfish to say, but have you treated yourself the way you treat others? Do you respect yourself? Do you love yourself? Please, think of yourself before school work. Your mental health is way more important than if you get a C on a test just this one time. The only way to be perfect is to be yourself.

right to left - Harleen, Rachel (me) (bad picture I know)

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the evolution of michael clifford’s hair 2011-2014 [x]

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